Hamilton Community Defence Fund

Fundraising for legal defence in Hamilton in the wake of conspiracy and other charges.

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E-transfers can be sent to thetowercalendar@gmail.com

On May 31 and June 1, six new people were charged in connection to the so-called Locke St riot. These include five people from Hamilton and one from Montreal. They are all charged with the nebulous “Unlawful Assembly while Masked”, a Harper-era law that has never before been used (for more analysis of that, see Cedar’s letter) as well as mischief to property and variants of conspiracy and counseling.

At the moment, our focus is on getting everyone out on bail and legal fees have been between $1500 and $2000 per person. Almost all the money already fundraised went to getting Cedar out after they were denied bail. Any support you can give will make it possible to get these folks out with the least strenuous conditions we can manage.

At the moment, one of the six has been release on bail, one will have her hearing on Monday, and the person from Montreal is preparing for a contested hearing like the one Cedar faced that will likely occur next week. The three other people will likely be appearing for bail hearings on Monday as well.

To be clear, we support all those charged in this matter, regardless of what they are charged with and we encourage everyone to show their support and solidarity to the seven people now charged in this case. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far or who has shared the alls for support that have been circulating. Updates on this case will continue to be available at https://hamiltonanarchistsupport.noblogs.org/

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