Tower Spring Fundraiser 2015

Help us keep the tower afloat and growing. In 2015, one of our central focuses moving forward is addressing the issue of the physical accessibility of The Tower. If we are successful we will be installing a ramp to eliminate the steps entering the space.

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With the bitter cold days of winter slowly winding down, your friendly neighbourhood anarchist space The Tower is making some big plans as we look forward to the upcoming months. In May we will be celebrating a year in our current location, and we are excited to announce that we just officially renewed our lease for another year.

Since first opening our doors, The Tower has hosted countless workshops, film screenings, discussion groups, and presentations. We’ve offered meeting space for local activist groups and community organizations. Several autonomous projects, including The Tower Inprint (a radical print shop), The Armando del Moro Library (a subversive free lending library and archive), and Semo Distro (distributer of books and zines) have made the space their home. During our open drop-in hours we provide a physical space for people to discuss, ask questions, read books, and engage with anarchist ideas.

As we plan for the spring, we want to continue all of this work and do even more. We want to get more ambitious – hosting more events, building new relationships, outreaching to the local neighbourhood, and improving the space itself. One of our central focuses moving forward is addressing the issue of the physical accessibility of The Tower. Although the space itself is all one floor, there are three steps to enter, making it physically inaccessible to many folks. Moving into year two of the project we intend to fix this. We have been working with, a community group that specializes in removable ramp construction and have received a quote of $750 + HST to construct the necessary ramp.

In order to continue our work and move forward with our big plans for spring, we need your help! The Tower runs solely on individual donations and a handful of small grants. We do not charge for use of the space, and have zero sources of income outside of donations. The Tower exists because people in this city have chosen to support it – it is a collective project and an example of mutual aid, putting some of our resources in common to create infrastructure for all of us.

If you would like to donate to The Tower (and any amount is greatly appreciated) there are two mechanisms:

1) Make a one-time donation. You can make a one-time lump sum donation to the project, either by donating online or by dropping off a donation (cash or check) in person during our open hours. Our goal is to raise $2000 in one-time donations this spring.

2) Become a sustainer. The project primarily pays for our monthly expenses (rent, hydro, and internet) through funds we receive from our sustainers. A sustainer agrees to make a monthly donation, ranging anywhere from $25-$100/a month. You commit to being a sustainer for as long as you like and can stop at any time. If you are interested in becoming a sustainer please email us at Our goal is to find $200 worth of new monthly sustainer donations this spring, or about 4 new sustainers.

To become a sustainer sign-up below or get in touch at

Become a Monthly Sustainer

Financial Statement

This is a description of The Tower’s finances as of March 1st. As you can see, The Tower is pretty stable financially, thanks to the support of the community of radicals who choose to prioritize its existence over other, more fun ways to spend money. If you have any questions about these numbers, please contact or drop by our open hours on Sunday between 11am and 5pm.

Our monthly expenses are about $800: this includes rent ($680), internet ($55), utilities ($35), and stuff like toilet paper, coffee and tea ($30).

We spent about $1800 on startup costs and materials, including zoning verification, last month’s rent, furniture, paint, the visioning convergence and the launch, fans and heaters…

As of the beginning of March, we’ve collected about $12 300 in total donations. Of this, about $8000 came from sustainers and went entirely towards covering monthly expenses. The remaining money came as one-time donations in the early spring and was used for startup and materials, and to cover our monthly deficit. We have cash-on-hand of about $1400.

Currently, The Tower is running a deficit of about $150 per month. Our goal is to sign up four new sustainers at $50/month this spring, both to cover the deficit and to replace sustainers who have indicated they cannot continue donating.

We also hope to raise $2000 in one-time donations. This money will go towards new infrastructure, such as a ramp for the front door and setting up free wireless internet, as well as providing us a buffer against unexpected costs or changes in revenue during the year, so that we can continue to avoid emergency fundraising appeals.

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  1. Have read over the info on this website. Very informative. Appreciate the growth of the TOWER since it was started. I am considering making a donation and would like to meet to talk with you about this. I hope to become more involved in the TOWER. Thanks. In solidarity. Sincerely, Lisa Hind


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